The Truth About You and Me

Coming September 8, 2013....

Smart girls aren't supposed to do stupid things.

Madelyn Hawkins is super smart. At sixteen, she's so gifted that she can attend college through a special program at her high school. On her first day, she meets Bennet. He's cute, funny, and kind. He understands Madelyn and what she's endured—and missed out on—in order to excel academically and please her parents. Now, for the first time in her life, she's falling in love.

There's only one problem. Bennet is Madelyn's college professor, and he thinks she's eighteen—because she hasn't told him the truth.

The story of their forbidden romance is told in letters that Madelyn writes to Bennett—both a heart-searing ode to their ill-fated love and an apology.

"I am highly recommending that you pre-order... such a captivating, consuming and emotional read... heartbreakingly beautiful."-- Totally Bookalicious review blog

"...One of the best contemporary novels I have read in a long time... If you love the YA romance genre, then I definitely think this is your 2013 read... go out and preorder it ASAP!"-- Nina, Project Read (FULL REVIEW)


Dear Bennett,
You might not read this, but maybe they will, and maybe somehow that will help you. This letter can’t help us, because there is no us, not any more.
Just saying that makes it hard to breathe.
I hope you do find it in yourself to read this letter, right down to the very last word, because maybe if you remember the way things unfolded—if you see it all through my eyes—you won’t be able to hate me.
You never said you hated me, but I can’t help but think maybe you do, because of what I did. What I made you believe.
I had to do it, though. I had to lie because I needed you, and if you had known the truth, you never would’ve set the gears in motion, wouldn’t have started something like two freight trains barreling down the tracks.
The crash was inevitable, because I wasn’t who you thought I was.
I’m still two years from being who you thought I was.
Those false-hoods and half-truths started something that ruined you, and I know you can’t forgive me, but I want you to remember me the right way, the real way it all happened, and not the ugly way they’ll try to make it sound.   
So for you, for me, for them, here it is:
The truth about you and me.